Why is patient referral management critical for your hospital / lab’s success??

Here are some statistics for you to consider :

-More than 1 out 3 patients are referred to a specialist every year*
-< 25% of patients actually turn up at their intended provider*
-Each general practitioner influences approximate Rs 90 lakh worth of downstream business / year*

Why should these statistics matter to you ?

– 40-60% of your business comes from referred patients
– You loose almost 75% of your potential business due to leakages
– Every new referral doctor added to your network can potentially add approx Rs 25 lakhs to your bottomline

What can you expect to achieve with proactive referral management ?

-20-30% reduction in referral leakage
-13-19% increase in new patient referrals/month
-Upto 70% decrease in time to appointment

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*MehrotraA.Forrest CB, Lin CY, Dropping the Baton: Speciality Referrals in the United States. The Milbank Quarterly: 2011;89(1)39-68.doi101111/j-1468-0009 2011 00619x

*Survey conducted on 2423 patients internally
*Data obtained from 34 general hospitals

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